December 7, 2009 at 2:10 pm (Melodie, Weekend)

A very large group of friends spent this past weekend in South Lake Tahoe. I had such a good weekend and I think I know why. Don’t laugh, but I believe it was the weather! While I do love the sun and sand, I am a winter girl. Always have been.  Even on the coldest days, I am still a happy camper.

I remember when Bob and I were kids, we’d spend hours building snow forts or skating. We also spent hours and hours on the crazy carpet (apparently, this is a Canadian item, because most Americans have no clue what a crazy carpet is) behind the skidoo. We were typical Canadian kids, winter was 8-9 months long so you learned how to enjoy it. This past weekend was cold and while others were freezing, I knew exactly how to block out the cold so I wouldn’t shiver.

I think I’ll be spending more time in Tahoe… might be time to start looking for a timeshare.

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The weekend yo

September 28, 2009 at 12:42 pm (Brody, Friends, Melodie, Weekend)

I had a dinner party this past weekend. It turned out really good and I think everyone had a great time. The best part? I was the only woman! Way to increase my odds!  heh heh

Seriously, everyone knows I have some really great girlfriends (most of them live somewhere else, but I have a few who live close) – but I tend to make friends with guys (they are way easier and take less time to get ready). It’s been that way my entire life and I haven’t quite yet figured it out. I’m sure some of my girlfriends know the answer. Anyway, I’m not complaining, in fact, I like that I can hang with guys and be comfortable and relaxed.

Brody loves to entertain. That kid is going to be an event planner! He loves the idea of people coming over and loves to help. He doesn’t like to help with actual work, but he will “help” with entertaining. On Saturday night he made everyone sit in their chairs so he could show them rocks he’d collected. A big hit with the guys!

It’s been hard adjusting to single life – there are parts that are very easy. Then there are parts that totally suck. Preparing for a dinner party on your own is one of the sucky parts.  Fortunately for me, one of my friends ROCKS in the kitchen and he whipped up some amazing appy’s. We had delicious fresh oysters with some concoction Louisiana Joe whipped up as a topping to the oysters (a BIG shout out to Joe for shuckin em too!), Bryan made some delicious cheesy garlic bread (fortunately he made too much so I had it for lunch the next day) and the best salad I have ever eaten. I made ricotta stuffed manicotti and a pork roast. Oh and did I mention the margaritas? Yowzers!!  I did a bottle count the next day and those boys could drink some beers!

Seriously, one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time. It was great to sit around the firepit in the backyard and talk shit. I’m still trying to convince Jason to learn this (NSFW) so he can teach me and we can be the oldest white people on the planet doing the crip walk.

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Raised by wolves

January 11, 2009 at 7:18 pm (Brody, Evan, Melodie, Weekend)

I swear my kids have not been raised by wolves. I just wonder when boys actually begin listening. Does anyone know? Considering their genetics, I’m going to say never – but a mom can dream. Seriously, I’m going back to leashes because these boys acted a fool all weekend!

The boys and I had a packed weekend. Evan was invited to his very first birthday party. In the past, it’s always been Evan and Brody being invited – this time, it was just Evan. The party was at a bowling alley and I wasn’t sure how Evan would act. He doesn’t like lots of noise so I was concerned. When we first got there, I asked the birthday girl’s mom if this was the type of party where you drop the kid off – or one where parents were allowed to stay? I had Brody with me and wasn’t sure what the plan was. She was fine with both of us staying with Evan – so we did.

The first task was to get bowling shoes for the boys. The second task was watching them slide all over the bowling alley like a bunch of maniacs because the bottoms are so slippery. They only bowled about 6 frames before they were tired of bowling. Throughout the entire afternoon, I must have told them both about a thousand times to sit down if it wasn’t their turn. Picture 15 kids – all aged between 4 – 7, throwing plastic bowling balls as hard as they could — all at the same time. When they weren’t bothering the actual bowler, they had their heads stuck in the ball return! It was chaos.

It only took about half an hour (if that) for Evan to throw 3 fits. He’s really not that good in large crowds. The bowling alley is really really loud – a lot to take for a boy who doesn’t like to flush the toilet because it’s too loud. I’ll tell ya, there is NOTHING like dragging your almost 5 year told to the bathroom by his arm as his flails himself to the ground protesting that he’s really allowed to use the handicapped bathroom. Or having him backtalk you as you threaten to fill his mouth with handsoap…  these are the times that I am sure I will be savoring as he fights with his children over the handicapped bathroom. I had hoped Evan would actually say something to the birthday girl – but I went away disappointed. He spent most of his time in the party room playing by himself. Meanwhile, Brody spent the afternoon entertaining the entire birthday party with his antics. Try that sometime… an overactive 6 year old who considers himself the life of the party and a shy 5 year old – all at the same party, but in two different rooms. One room had very dangerous bowling balls (ranging in all sizes and weights) and one room had a very pretty, very perfect birthday cake. Which room would you choose?

I chose the cake room, of course.   Evan’s fingers are like nails to a magnet around a cake. I figured any damage Brody could do would not be worse than Evan ruining a birthday cake. Priorities.  It only took Evan 2 hours to warm up to the bowling alley. By then it was time to go. I think he had fun – Brody had a LOT of fun.  What was really funny was watching the Sprite and birthday cake high set in – Brody must have done 42 laps around that bowling alley. Now the boys are all about bowling – Evan’s birthday is coming up and he wants to celebrate at the bowling alley!

I took them to the SF zoo today. It was “family appreciation day” in the city – most events were free…….. if you were a resident of SF. A little fact the radio people neglected to mention. It cost me $41 to get in the door; we spent the majority of our time in the bathroom (Evan pees like a male dog… squirt here – squirt there); I spent $21 on 2 hotdogs and a cheeseburger and Brody tried to make me walk around the park to find the popcorn vendor (because he was determined to have the popcorn with honey on it, which is kettle corn to normal folks). We did manage to see a few animals in between… some monkeys, a rhino, a lion and lioness, lemurs, giraffes, etc. Not sure I will go back to the zoo…. it seemed a little over rated?  Maybe I was still reeling from the birthday party the day before? Hard to say.

Needless to say, I’m exhausted and looking forward to going nite nite. I dropped one of my classes today; two classes +  divorce = bad. I might treat myself to 2 glasses of wine and a bath!

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Our Weekend

October 12, 2008 at 9:09 pm (Family, Weekend)

Well, that really flew by didn’t it? It seems that it was only yesterday that I was leaving work on Friday afternoon. We really did have a great weekend. The weather was perfect-o and our activities were just the right amount. I don’t like to do a lot of socializing over the weekend, I’m a bit of an introvert and prefer to have my head in either a book or a case of beer. I’m not picky…

We went into SF to see the Blue Angels AND the Canadian Snowbirds fly. I put on extra necklaces to show my love for my country. I wore a maple leaf, a heart and a bead (which doesn’t really fit with the theme – but it looks cute). From our vantage point (which wasn’t really an ADvantage) I could barely see the snowbirds fly. I tried to take photos, but my “big” lens is only good for about 400 feet. The next time I go to fleet week, I want to have the lens that has it’s OWN tripod.

The children were… shall we say … less than excited to look at airplanes all day. You’d think they would be super excited to see them doing tricks. Not so much. But they did manage to completely ignore our requests to “be quiet already and watch the planes.” We only asked about 200 times during the afternoon. We bought a wagon (thankfully) because I was certain the boys would want us to carry them. They are now bigga boys who weigh about 45 lbs each… it’s like carrying two big bags of potatoes. Except stinkier. And whinier (if that’s possible… i know potatoes are pretty whiney.. but the boys would give them a run for their money!).

It was about 80 degrees out with a nice wind, so Michael decided to buy the boys some ice cream. Why you ask??  Well, because he’s just as maniacal as they are! You can imagine how KRAZEE they were with a little sugar in them. it was stupid!

We stopped at the ferry building after the show because we love to hear our children whine. Actually, they have an amazing cheese shop (or is it shoppe?) and it’s the only place to go if you are looking to spend $16.00 for a half pound of Irish cheese. And they make you take a number to spend this kind of money. According to my husband, it’s quality NOT quantity. Needless to say, we’ll be feeding the boys the Tillamook that we get in large QUANTITIES rather than the fine, exquisite Irish cheese that melts in your mouth. Michael and I were pooped and had wine for dinner (and beer for dessert).

My legs and shins are kiiling me today! We probably walked about 30 miles yesterday. After all the walking and the train ride, the boys (my youngin’s) were on their own for dinner. What? They are old enough to get their own dinner. Brody had chips and salsa AND chips and dip. Evan had cereal. I feel “mother of the year” coming on…

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It doesn’t even feel like the weekend

September 19, 2008 at 10:16 pm (Bored, Weekend)

So it’s really here? Who’d have thought? Seriously, this week went by like a lightening bolt. I was at the office for two days, thank you offsite! I was also sick with some sort of flu that has completely kicked my butt (and my appetite thank you very much.) I stayed at home, practically dying, on Wednesday and Thursday. I will say this… I have completely had it with my co-workers.

Oy, I don’t want to get into it here because nothing has been settled. But basically, I have been shit on one too many times. I am thinking that once was my limit. I went to a learning lunch today and walked away with the sweet door prize! I know I know… I’m awesome.

The door prize is a soft “bag” cooler type thingy. It’s dope. It looks big enough to fit a Canadian case of beer – possibly 15. The American case of beer is 24 (which is called a flat in Canada). I know… so confusing! What’s really great is if I tell Michael to pick up a case of beer… I am expecting 12 – but I actually get 24! I think that might have something to do with the conversion of the metric system to imperial. I’m just sayin…

I don’t have big plans for this weekend. We are headed to one of Michael’s cousins house tomorrow for dinner. They have a baby, she’s 1 – so I’m anxious to see how the boys are with her. Will they treat her the same way they treat the baby kitten? Packing her around by her neck, giving her lots of pets. Probably. We haven’t seen the baby since she was born, so I’m bringing my camera! I’m positive she has delightful cheeks to nom nom on.

Did I mention we bought our plane tickets to go home for christmas? My parents already have all the winter gear stacked up for the boys… I can kiss an Italian summer trip buh-bye because we used all of our miles for this trip. sniff sniff..  It’ll be okay… my parents will be so desperate for the boys that Michael and I can spend all our time in the city doing grown up stuff and NOT be missed at all!

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Week-end Wrap-up

September 14, 2008 at 10:13 pm (Bored, Melodie, Weekend)

I was trying to figure out one more way to hyphenate the subject of this entry. Week-end-wrap-up? Oosh.

I had big plans for this weekend. BIG BIG BIG. I was going to finish the laundry. Laundry? You say. Yep.. Laundry. In my house, laundry is my own personal hell. It never never never goes away. Everytime I look up, it’s there – staring back at me. Laughing at me. Mocking me. There have been times when I have wished for laundry fairies. Little beautiful fairies to take all of my laundry away – forever. I do have one laundry fairy, her name is Mom. Mom is a good fairy, she loves to help me with my laundry. And for that? I keep her afloat in margaritas. It’s a fair trade. However, Mom only comes down once or twice a year – she would kill me if I left the laundry for that long! No amount of delicious margaritas would take away her wrath.

So on Friday, we dropped the boys off at Michael’s parents house. They agreed to watch them while we went to a MonaVie tasting in Fairfield. Michael and I have been drinking this nutritional juice and we’ve decided to do the business “end” of Monavie. Anyhooo… it was really fun and we stayed out far too late – but it was worth it!

I really wanted to do some bike riding. Just me – by myself. You know, as an adult on a bike; rather than a mom on a bike who has to stop every two feet because her youngest son refuses to take off his training wheels then whines the entire time because he can’t keep up. But everytime I even make a motion towards my bike, I have two little boys begging to join me. How can I refuse their sweet (although maniacal) little faces? I can’t. So, this weekend – I rode my bike in my brain. Michael asked me to watch The Secret (the movie with fantastic background music, so theatrical and loud that you can’t hear the person speaking) and they said that if you do an activity that you enjoy inside your head – all of the same feelings will happen as if you were really doing the activity. So I did. It was fantastic! Those “the secret” people were right!

Instead, I did laundry on Saturday and stayed home with my boys on Sunday. Michael went to play paintball with a member of the hippy tribe; the remaining family members of the tribe “hippy” came over for shenanigans and cookie making. Being a mom means you need to find the stupidest ways to have fun with your children. Even if that fun includes unloading the dishwasher and hanging curtains. We moms did all the chores and the kids ran around like maniacs.

Saturday night was movie night. We watched Wedding Crashers and The Secret. I seriously forgot how funny Wedding Crashers really is. The boys are so damn cute and the lines are hilarious!

My Sunday evening was filled with stupid dumb homework. I think I am placing these words upon my work because I am just so done with school right now. I am feeling the “back to school” time crunch. Both boys have clothes in their drawers that don’t fit anymore, I have homework up the wazoo, and I can’t walk in the garage for fear of the laundry piles to come crashing down upon me. And seriously? You want me to do a 12 page powerpoint presentation on the physiology of hormone release? I’ll show you a hormone release!! 

I’m wrapping up my weekend, I have to drive to work tomorrow (BLECH BLECH BLECH) – I don’t like it, but I am getting ready for an offsite on Tuesday and I have agreed to pack all the crap from the office to the offsite. Why? Oh I don’t know… I guess I like the torture.

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Weekend Wrap-Up

August 4, 2008 at 11:38 am (Weekend)

Michael and I had a great weekend! We went camping in Armstrong Redwood Forrest (or something) and had an awesome time riding our bikes, lounging around in the sun and eating WAY too much! I got a bit of sun, but not sunburned!  We were amazed at how serene and peaceful the campsite was, how quiet and dark it got. It’s an amazing place! I have video to share, but we cleaned the garage out last night and I wasn’t in the mood to actually touch a computer.

Michael and I rented a canoe and headed up the Russian River for a leisurely boat ride. I had to keep reminding him and myself that as far as we paddled one way, we had the same exact distance back! We ended up turning back a little closer than we’d have liked, with the intentions of going out again – but after that my whole entire core was a little too sore for more paddling. We decided to lay on the beach and drink beers – not a bad way to spend an afternoon!

Brody lost his first tooth yesterday! The tooth fairy left him $5! Yes, it’s a large sum for one measely tooth, but it’s the equivalent of guilt money! The tooth fairy is guilty she/he is not there with him for this monumentous occasion! Thankfully, the substitute tooth fairy is keeping the tooth. 🙂 Brody is such a good boy, he actually shared his money with his brother and cousins – which I thought was very nice! They have an appointment at the photographer on Wednesday, so Grandma is taking them to “dollarrama” for treats!

It seems the “honeymoon” of having no children at home is now over. Michael and I cleaned the garage yesterday, we are going to do laundry tonight, I’m back to school, the boys’ room still needs to be finished and we have a shed to organize and move! oy. Wish us luck!

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Post Weekend wrap up

June 25, 2008 at 4:13 pm (Family, Melodie, Weekend)

Wii would like to play. And play wii will. Wii bought a Wii over the weekend. Brody calls it a wiitendo. So cute! I was busy writing my paper last night so the boys played while I watched from the sidelines. It was so fun to watch Brody and Evan run the 100 meter in the Olympics!  Their little arms were just a pumpin from running! 

We had a bbq on Saturday night to “shove” the boys off to Canada.  I realize now that I was really stressed out about the bbq and all the other to-do items we needed to accomplish. The closer we get to taking them to Canada, the more sad I become. I know this is good for all people involved – but I’m going to miss my little monsters this summer. I’ve also realized that I am a stress eater. I was full, but continued to eat like it was my last meal.

Ok, so this is a little later than a usual weekend wrap up – but I’ve been swamped! I started Brody’s “Templeton” costume last night. I’m tempted to head to a costume shop and get him a pre-made costume. I do this all the time, I bite off more than I can chew! And seriously, the play is tomorrow – where am I going to find a rat’s costume tonight? sigh…

We are having dinner with the hippies tonight. I don’t know what it is about brody but that kid is so social! Evan and I would prefer to be at home snuggling under the blankets – but Brody and Michael are social butterflies. Yesterday, on the way home, he asked us if a million people could come over. Uh jeezz… let’s see – I have a rat’s costume to make, lots of homework due, 10 loads of laundry, 3 people to pack clothes for, dishes to wash (so we don’t get ants), and a car to clean out. I’m gonna say “no.” Then he cried and cried. He stopped because we told him we were going to dinner tonight. GAWD

Work is hell for me right now. We are contracting with a consultant who has made it his mission in life to ruin my days. I thought I would be free of him for a few days but he managed to bother me remotely. Doesn’t he know that my brain is already on vacation? It’s been on vacation since Monday! I can’t possibly be expected to be here, at work, working! argh!

Anyway, after we drop the boys off with their grandparents, Michael and I are taking a much needed break – far away from work, consultants, clients, children and cats.  Ooooh and I just got the most brilliant idea – Brody’s tail is going to be made out of a long black balloon that is tied on to his pants. Brilliant!!

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Finally updating!

April 12, 2008 at 11:58 am (Bored, Family, Melodie, Weekend)

Caution: This is a very long post because I have not updated in a few weeks. I will cover how tired and grumpy I am, how horrible my children have been behaving, boys, pregnancy (not mine) and the bookstore. Oh and books too…

It seems like forever since I’ve updated my blog. I used to update at work, it was easy and I wasn’t actually doing a whole lot of work. At my new job, I’m busy for 8 hours a day (which is the whole day). It’s challenging and my boss treats me very well. He even allowed me to go home on Friday at 2:00 and paid me until 5:00!!  SWEET!

We had a huge 2-day off-site this week and I still have not recovered from working 12 hours of overtime.  Am I that old? GOD! I had to get up so early, was really stressed out about the meeting and couldn’t sleep, then had to factor in homework time. It pushed me to my limits. I am definitely an “8 hours of sleep per night” kind of girl – I didn’t even get that much.

I love my children, but by Thursday I told them if they dared to wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me they had to pee – they would be sleeping outside. The boys are old enough to go to the bathroom by themselves, I’m not sure what made them believe I needed to be aware of it. I woke up on Thursday morning (after being told 3 different times that Evan was going to the bathroom) with the said child sleeping on my legs. Last night was the first night (in a long time) that I wasn’t woken up during the night. Needless to say, I am a little more than grumpy today.

I finished reading “Gone with the wind” and really cannot understand all the hub-ub (sp?) with this book. Maybe it’s just me and how I’m feeling right now – but I really did not enjoy the book. There were parts that really made me blush (some of the language was quite colorful when referring to people of color – any color) and parts of the book (especially describing the war, etc.) that dragged on and on. We bought the movie last weekend because it won 10 academy awards – I’m hoping the movie is better. Plus, I wasn’t really happy with the ending. I also doubt that I will read it again.

I just picked up “Bonk” and “Stiff” by Mary Roach. I remember hearing about Stiff a while ago, but lost the name of the author and title of the book (just try finding a book without those two items) and Bonk just came out. I’m excited to read them both and started Stiff this morning. The sub-title of the book is “The curious lives of human cadavers.” Enticing!  Michael said that he didn’t think it would be a book that would interest him – but I’m excited to read it! I doubt it will be a “read during lunch” kind of book because I hear it’s quite gross. The sub-title of Bonk is “the curious coupling of science and sex.” Also supposed to be quite hilarious.

Spring has officially sprung here – it’s lovely and warm today with new flowers sprouting up. The thermometer says 84.6 right now… it’s delicious! I have laundry piles up to my armpits, dirty dishes everywhere, dirty clothes on the floor  – all I want to do is be outside laying on the hammock! I seriously need to wake up – my eyes are even tired!

We bought Brody a new watch – I am now getting time updates every 3-5 minutes. I suppose it’s good – because now I don’t need to wear a watch! I The entire trip to the bookstore was filled with time updates. Once we arrived at the store I made sure to tell the boys my expectations of their behavior and what I expected out of the trip. I find telling them this at the beginning usually saves me from disciplining or threatening to discipline once inside the store. Even though I took the extra time to talk to the boys about what they needed to do – they still acted like total jackasses (of course I say this with love). Sidenote: The bookstore is my own personal heaven. I love the smell of the new books, I love how orderly it is. My 4 and 5 year old boys literally tore it apart. While we were there, my boys proceeded to scream, yell, run, whine, cry, hit, throw AND disobey me at every corner. I have crossed the bookstore off my list of “acceptable places to take the maniacs.”

What is it with 5 year olds anyway? Brody thinks he knows everything. He is so condescending, smart mouthed, impatient, and a real jackass sometimes. Then, I’ll turn around and he’s loving, sweet, adorable, cuddly and helpful! All within a 5 minute period! He’ll run to get me something, smack his brother on the head, help his dad reach up high, tell a “butt” joke, contradict me, back talk to his brother and then try to remember what he was doing in the first place. He’ll remember what he was doing, get that item, give it to me (pausing to watch tv) and then say “you’re welcome” when I’ve thanked him. I can barely keep up to the different layers and levels of this kid.

Anyway, we had a horrible time at the bookstore – I know it’s because I’m tired and have little patience for the fighting and screaming that is typical of boys. But they were awful! Just this morning, I was reading an article that said people today are less tolerant of physical aggression and we tend to break up scuffles between boys too soon. I might experiment with this theory – but today is not the day for that. Friends of ours visited a few months ago and Miss T asked me how I put up with the physical-ness of the boys. How could I just let them wrestle all of the time? I giggled because they seriously wrestle ALL of the time – but what she was witnessing wasn’t even close to how physical they can be. Something as simple as reading a book or watching TV can turn into the biggest wrestling event of the week! My answer to Miss T was “well, you just get used to it.” Which is the honest to goodness truth.

I really do feel that people today are so concerned with offending other people that we inhibit our boys and turn them into people who cannot resolve their own conflicts.

While at the bookstore, I spoke with one of my oldest friends, she’s very pregnant and I found out she is scheduled to give birth via c-section on Tuesday because the baby is enormous! The doctor estimated the baby weighs about 9lbs 7ozs!!  A big boy! Other friends had a baby boy last month and another set of friends are having a baby boy in a few months. Everyone is having baby boys! Anyway, she was off to get her car cleaned and detailed so they could install the car seat. Strangely enough, I spent a good portion of the morning cleaning starburst wrappers and french fries out of our car seats! I told her to enjoy the detailing – because that’s the last time that car will be clean for the next couple of years! I’m sure she wasn’t laughing!

Michael is off at some shotgun dude’s show… he tried to entice me into joining him; to which I responded “uh.. I’m a girl.” Duh. I guess this guy does some amazing things with a shot gun like continuously shooting it while reloading. (?!?!?!?) I don’t like guns a whole lot and I am in no mood for loud noises. Plus… I’m a girl n’stuff… I’d rather spend my free time comparing lip glosses or reading martha stewart.

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Score!!!! A lenghty tale of success at the thrift store!

February 4, 2008 at 1:37 pm (Family, Weekend)

I just love going to thrift stores! The boys stayed at the Hippies house for a sleep over on Saturday night. We were supposed to go to a friend’s Bon Voyage party but I had a splitting headache. I couldn’t have imagined loud music and yelling. We ended up seeing a movie and enjoying a nice dinner. Just the two of us!  On Sunday morning, with nothing to do (after a leisurely breakfast) … I decided to spend some time thrifting. I don’t go often, only when the mood hits me. I started out at our local thrift store, just browsing around. I ended up with a flowery shower curtain. I love our current curtain, but adding this new curtain overtop of the existing curtain really really pretty’s up the bathroom. In a house full of boys, I need all the pretty I can get.

I tried to get some food storage bags but the lady wouldn’t sell them to me. It seems the store was having a big sale this week, so people go in early and hide stuff they want to buy during the sale. Apparently, she hid the machine – but not the bags. Crazy right? I thought it was. Anyway, I headed off to Goodwill.

I do love Goodwill. Things are clean, orderly, grouped by colors. I found a pair of rubber boots for one of the boys (who ever fits em – gets em). Sasha chewed the other pair into a million tiny little pieces. I also bought a case for our Leappad learning system.  I scored a very old copy of Gone with the Wind. I have wanted to read this book for a long time. I ended up borrowing it from a co-worker (it was her beloved copy) and subsequently lost it. Almost as soon as I brought it into my house – it was lost. I ended up finding it a few months later but still… she vowed never to lend me another book. With good reason too.  Now I have my own copy. The book is interesting because each page is two columns… sort of like the bible. Interesting indeed. I also bought the boys a pair of rugged type hiking shoes (who ever fits em – gets em).

I brought all of my treasures up to the counter to pay and just happened to notice a brand new Leapster (unopened and still in the box) in the locked section of the counter. There are literally 5 people in the whole store, including me, the cashier and the woman in front of me (who was getting her items processed). Yet, I could feel my anxiety start to rise. Brody has been talking about the Leapster for weeks… non-stop. He wanted one so badly.  I look at the price tag… $15.99. New. In the box. Unopened. I start to look around, not wanting to draw attention to the leapster until I could get to the cashier. I was next in line… there’s nothing to worry about. It’s mine. It’s in the bag. I continue to watch the other patrons…. not wanting to risk losing the leapster.  The cashier is still ringing up the lady in front of me… she’s got about 50 items. I’m getting restless. My blood is pumping… must have leapster for ridiculously low low price.

She finished paying. She left. I swoop in and tell the cashier “I want the leapster.” My heart is still beating quickly and I’m giddy with delight. I ask in a nonchalant manner… “does it look like it has been opened?” The cashier says “This is brand new, in the box, never been opened.” Inside, my heart does the dance of joy. I pay very quickly… because I feel like I am breaking the rules (I don’t know which rules… just THE rules). These leapster are around $60.00 in the store!!

I make a break for my car, but cannot resist calling Michael. I casually mention this lovely BMW I see in the car lot beside Goodwill (it’s beautiful)… then, unable to resist any longer immediately break in to my story of TRIUMPH!  I started with the “I got the boys a pair of rubber boots!!!” (yes, I was that excited… I used three exclamation marks). I found a case for the Leappad… yes it holds the books and cartridges too. I bought Gone with the wind! I’m so happy.  Then, the piece du resistance (picture french accents where needed) – the highly coveted Leapster. Guaranteed to delight the hearts of both children… guaranteed to keep them occupied for minutes… even hours! Guaranteed to cause fighting if either boy goes over their allotted time frame. Michael was as delighted as I was!  With just cause! He’s heard the whining and begging twice as much as me – he drives them to school in the morning! That’s an extra hour per day of begging.

The leapster didn’t come with any cartridges… which are about $20 each. It does come with some pre-loaded activities… but that’s not fun! We’ll see about the cartridges. I have a feeling those will be awarded for good behavior.  I scored!

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