Big Brothers

October 15, 2008 at 7:50 pm (Brody, Evan)

We are having a major struggle in our household right now. Brody in instinctively acting like a jackass big brother. Evan is trying to venture out on his own and do things his own way. At every turn, Brody is there yelling at him, telling him he’s doing it wrong.  Everyday I ask myself if this tyranny will stop. Then I ponder my own childhood. I acted like a jackass, I was mean and bossy, I fought with my brother and stomped on his chest (he’s got asthma… always has had it). We could fight at the drop of the hat. Eventually, we grew out of the fighting phase. If I had a problem, he’d have my back. Same goes for him. The issue never mattered, whatever the issue was… I’ve got his back. 

Everytime I see (or hear) Brody yelling at Evan I cringe. Yes, one day this behavior will pass and I’ll have two boys who will actually like each other. In the meantime, the yelling needs to stop! It’s making me KRAZEE. The constant bickering, yelling, screaming, hitting, name calling, referencing the “weiner dog,” the crying, the whining, the tattling. I can’t imagine why I’m having a hard time completing my homework!

I think we are going to instill a “no yelling zone.” I can’t see any other way for peace to come into my household. I am currently living in utter madness. bah


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